Veteran Readiness and Employment

Introduction – Streamlining authorizations & invoicing with Tungsten Network

As part of the plan to modernize the processes for invoicing the Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) Service’s, VR&E has updated and standardized the authorization, invoice review, and payment processing using electronic invoicing by partnering with Tungsten Network.

Using e-invoicing, the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors (VRCs) can authorize, review, and approve invoices electronically.  The VR&E Service Providers also receive authorizations and invoices electronically. This results in faster approval processes, guaranteed invoice delivery, and faster payment.

These modernized solutions deliver the best possible customer service to you, while providing simple and secure processes in compliance with the Prompt Payment Act to receive and process your invoices while also eliminating improper payments quickly and accurately.


How does it work?

Tungsten Network enables VR&E and its Service Providers to submit, process, and approve invoices online. Service Providers can use invoice files from their accounting systems, or the Tungsten Network Vendor portal, to submit invoice data electronically to VR&E.

The VR&E counselor creates authorizations directly into Invoice Payment Processing System (IPPS), which sends an authorization notification email to Service Providers. As a Service Provider, you may access the authorization from the Tungsten Network portal to create a single invoice. The invoice is automatically sent to VR&E for review, approval, and payment.

Tungsten Network provides two e-invoicing solutions depending on your business needs:

  • If your organization sends a low volume of invoices per year, the Web Form Solution will enable you to quickly create and submit invoices online. Utilizing the PO Convert feature will allow you to convert authorizations directly, quickly, and easily into invoices, improving the speed and accuracy of invoice submission.
  • If your organization submits high volumes of invoices, our Integrated Solution allows you to extract data directly from your accounting system and securely deliver it directly into the VR&E’s finance system. Our implementation team can work with you to set this up.

Additional benefits of using the Tungsten Network e-invoicing solution

  • While making the invoice submission process completely electronic, the VAFSC would also like to expand on their electronic payments. To this end, an Automated Clearing House (ACH) enrollment form can be found at the Bureau of the Fiscal Service following a search for ‘3881’.
  • ACH offers significant advantages; reduced delivery time for payment funds, eliminating unpredictable postal system delays.

Two Service Options Available


Send a data file directly to Tungsten Network via automatic upload.

  • Transmit data in virtually any format from your accounting system directly to Tungsten Network
  • No manual intervention – fully automated invoice processing
  • Recommended for businesses that send a high volume of invoices per year

Web Form

Create invoices on-line via the Tungsten Network portal.

  • Convert authorizations directly into invoices
  • Recommended for businesses that send a low volume of invoices per year

Note: The current account and transaction fees associated with the Tungsten Network services are paid by the VAFSC.  Free transaction code(s) are not required.

Benefits of using the Tungsten Network e-invoicing solution

Guaranteed invoice delivery
Streamlined, fewer exceptions
Predictable payment
No installation of hardware or software required
The ability to store and retrieve invoices
Improved cash-flow management

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VA Financial Service Center – 1-877-353-9791

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