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As part of GSK's Procure-to-Pay strategy that started a few years ago, GSK Vaccines has been moving to electronic invoicing in order to receive 100% of its incoming invoices via e-invoicing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I use Tungsten Network to send my invoices?

    As part of global GSK Procure-to-Pay strategy started few years ago, GSK Vaccines has been moving to electronic invoicing in order to receive 100 % of its incoming invoices via e-invoicing. Once this transition is complete, GSK Vaccines will no longer receive paper invoices and submitting invoices via Tungsten Network will be the only way GSK Vaccines will accept delivery of invoices from their suppliers.

    Is invoicing via Tungsten Network a requirement for doing business with GSK Vaccines?

    Once you make the switch to e-Invoicing, GSK Vaccines will no longer accept paper invoices from your company. Instead, electronic invoices will be the only route to initiate successful payment. At the end of the journey, GSK Vaccines will no longer receive paper invoices.

    What are the benefits of using Tungsten Network?

    • Fast, guaranteed invoice delivery to GSK within 24 hours – The payment terms will run from your submission date eliminating any delays which may arise as a result of using paper invoicing
    • Improved cash-flow management – Invoices faster received, processed and approved means “get paid more predictably”
    • Greater visibility – login any time to check the status of your invoices and track right through to payment
    • Fewer mistakes – Tungsten validates your invoices to spot common mistakes that could appear with manual processing
    • Purchase orders available– Purchase orders will be sent to Tungsten Network in order ease your invoicing processes
    • Cost effective administrative process – all studies show this paperless solution is less costly and less resources consuming than the old manual and paper process
    • VAT compliant, regardless of where invoices are sent from or received

    Will electronic invoicing be a requirement for new suppliers?

    Yes. Electronic invoicing via Tungsten Network will be included in the evaluation process for new suppliers. Please refer to the GSK’ e-invoicing policy sent during creation process.

    For new contracts, GSK Vaccines will include terms and conditions in contracts for future business which will require suppliers to use the Tungsten Network.

    Will I need to use this service if my account is currently paid on time?

    Yes. Your use of the Tungsten Network service will help ensure we continue to pay you on time.

    What happens if I continue to send paper invoices?

    While you are working with Tungsten Network to complete your registration we will be happy to continue to receive your paper invoices. Once your registration is completed, ensure you cease sending paper invoices.

    Note: Paper invoices will be rejected and you will be requested by email to reprocess invoices via Tungsten network. It will definitively have an impact on your due dates.

    What costs are associated with enrolling on Tungsten Network?

    Fees vary depending on which option you select.

    • If you choose the Integrated Solution there is an annual membership fee plus a transaction fee.
    • If you choose the Web form option, there is no annual fee, just a transaction fee.

    NOTE: You will receive FREE TRANSACTIONS per year

    Option chosen Free transactions
    Web Form 52 free transactions per year
    Integrated Solution 520 free transactions per year

    For more detail, please refer to our website

    What does the membership fee for the Integrated Solution cover?

    The membership fee covers the cost to Tungsten of setting you up on their network and the general costs of maintaining the network. This is a once a year cost irrespective of the number of customers that you service via the Tungsten Network.

    Why doesn’t GSK Vaccines pay the fees?

    Moving to electronic invoicing will create savings for your organisation (reducing costs for paper, printing and posting). Analysis shows that moving to electronic invoicing creates savings for suppliers by streamlining processes and significantly reducing the time in which invoices are paid.

    Will GSK Vaccines make payments using Tungsten Network?

    Tungsten Network is not a payment platform. GSK Vaccines will continue to use their current payment method.

    Do I need to sign an agreement with Tungsten Network?

    Yes. If you select the integrated Solution you will have to sign a specific agreement with Tungsten Network. If you choose to the Web form solution, you will be required to accept the standard terms and conditions when enrolling.

    Moreover, once your registration is completed, you agree to cease sending paper invoices to GSK Vaccines. Note: Paper invoices will be rejected and you will be requested by email to reprocess invoices via Tungsten network. It will definitively have an impact on your due dates.

    How will this change existing process for Purchase orders?

    Nothing will change. You will still receive your Purchase Orders directly by Email from GSK Vaccines, however your valid Purchase Orders will be also available on the Tungsten Network portal. A validation will take place to ensure that the PO number indicated on your invoice matches a valid PO.

    Recommendation: If you choose Web form solution, you may create your invoices by converting the Purchase Order. It is Faster and helps avoid mistakes such as wrong PO line items, Unit of measure,

    Who can I contact within GSK Vaccines?

    The implementation of e-invoicing will be managed on behalf of GSK Vaccines by Tungsten Network. In the first instance, contact Tungsten.

    For additional information about “Who do I need to contact in case of inquiries”, please refer to When do I need to contact GSK? (Both GSK & Tungsten responsibilities are described)

    Can Tungsten Network offer assistance in multiple languages?

    Yes. Tungsten Network provides Sales, Implementation and Support services in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Italian.
    For local contact numbers, please refer to this link Help and Support.

    Do I need to install additional hardware or software?

    No. There is no software or hardware required. Tungsten Network is web-based, therefore all you require to access the e-invoicing platform is a browser and internet access.

    Instead of mandating data standards, Tungsten Network’s Any-To-Any Data Formatting capability accepts invoices in any format and any file structure.

    I already send some invoice data directly to other customers…Can I send EDI/XML file directly to GSK Vaccines?

    EDI and XML are just data formats as far as Tungsten Network is concerned; therefore you can use this preferred format to deliver the data to Tungsten Network if you choose to use the Integrated Solution. GSK Vaccines will not take any electronic data directly from suppliers as we take a single consolidated invoice file from Tungsten Network, which will contain invoices from all of our suppliers.

    What if I don’t have a system capable of creating electronic invoices?

    If you print invoices generated by any invoicing system, you can send invoice data files to Tungsten Network using the Integrated Solution. If you raise invoices manually (Word, Excel etc.) you can access Tungsten’s e-invoicing platform via the secure web site and create invoices online using the Web Form. No software installation is required; all you need is an internet connection and standard browser.

    How is the switch from paper to e-invoicing managed?

    Once you are set-up and ready to transact via the network, Tungsten Network will send you an alert to notify you that you are ready to submit invoices. At the same time, GSK Vaccines will be also notified that you are ready to transact.

    Note: As soon as you are ready to transact, paper invoices will be rejected and you will be requested by email to reprocess invoices via Tungsten network. It will definitively have an impact on your due dates.

    Can I send electronic invoices using Tungsten Network to all of my customers?

    Tungsten Network allows you to send electronic invoices to any other customers that are using the network once you are enrolled.

    Can I send transactions for more than one customer in one file?

    For the Integrated solution, Tungsten Network can accept data files in any format covering as many customers as you require. Tungsten Network will agree with you how each customer is identified in your data file and will then deliver each transaction to the correct customer.

    My organisation is planning to change its invoicing software soon, should I wait before subscribing?

    Our stated aim is to have all suppliers registered and sending e-invoices. Tungsten Network accepts any incoming data format therefore you should join the network and send your invoices now to ensure your payments are not interrupted. You can simply advise Tungsten of the changes when you are ready to use your new software. They will make the necessary changes without interruption of invoice delivery.

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