Welcome to electronic invoicing for GSK Vaccines

As part of GSK's Procure-to-Pay strategy that started a few years ago, GSK Vaccines has been moving to electronic invoicing in order to receive 100% of its incoming invoices via e-invoicing.

When do I need to contact GSK Vaccines?

As we are partnering with Tungsten Network to facilitate your transition to e-invoicing, responsibilities regarding support to suppliers have been split between Tungsten Network and GSK Vaccines.
It is in your interest to follow the guidelines below to ensure a smooth transition.

Remember: Once live, you are strongly encouraged to anticipate the processing of your invoices by checking if POs are available and make sure you fully understand how to submit invoices. This will avoid delays in issuing your invoices at the requested date as well as payment.

Tungsten Network is responsible for answering:

– All your queries regarding registration (as a new supplier or extension of an existing supplier)
– All your queries regarding the Tungsten Network supplier portal: e.g.
  • How to manage your POs on Tungsten Network portal (accept or refuse your new POs)
  • How to create invoice with or without Tax (from scratch or by converting a PO)
  • How to add additional lines to your invoice
  • How to attach annexes or timesheets
  • How to display your POs or invoices
  • How to check your invoice status

How to contact Tungsten Network?
Please click on this link, Help and Support.

GSK Vaccines is responsible for:

– Making your POs available on Tungsten Network portal
– Ensuring your e-invoices are available in our accounting system
– Answering additional queries about invoice status (invoice status is available on the Tungsten Network portal)
– Collect any complaints from suppliers regarding Tungsten Network support

How to contact GSK Vaccines
Please, DO NOT contact Procurement for queries listed above, they are not the right persons to answer your enquiries.
The most efficient way for a fast and accurate answer is to contact our Finance call center (Finance Services).

By email [email protected]
By Phone Following local phone numbers are available:
Belgium +32 10 85 52 50
France +33 3 27 28 66 40
Canada +1 418 210 5077
USA +1 418 210 5077
Hungary +36 28 52 96 00
Germany +49 351 456 14 701
Singapore +65 64 96 32 00
Italy +39 0577 245 011
Netherlands +31 20 564 0250

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