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As part of Amgen's ongoing policy to continuously improve efficiency and service, we have implemented an electronic invoicing program for all invoices to Amgen via Tungsten Network. We have chosen Tungsten to be the supplier to provide the electronic invoicing service and we strongly believe that this new process will prove mutually beneficial to Amgen and our Suppliers.

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Using over a decade’s worth of experience, we have drawn together an extensive set of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and documents to help you every step of the way

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Given the number of invoices that you send to Amgen today, we believe that electronic invoicing via Tungsten Network is the most beneficial option for you and Amgen. Benefits include:

    • Guaranteed delivery of e-Invoices vs paper invoice delivery
    • Improved cash flows – on time payment once invoice is received and processed
    • Improved ability to track invoice status – acknowledgement received when data is received by Tungsten Network
    • Fewer data errors as the data structured and validated prior to delivery, thus reducing the number of payment disputes
  • Yes. As of November 18, 2014, Amgen cannot guarantee prompt payment of payment invoices. Suppliers must begin transitioning to e-Invoicing.

  • Yes. Electronic invoicing via Tungsten Network will be included in the evaluation process for new suppliers.

  • Yes. Your use of the Tungsten Network service will ensure we continue to pay you on time.

  • While you are working with Tungsten Network to complete your registration, we are happy to receive your paper invoices. We have set a deadline of October 15, 2014 for suppliers to commit to transition to the network. Once you are sending invoices via Tungsten Network, please cease sending paper copies, as they will be rejected.

  • Invoicing requirements are nearly the same as when you submitted paper invoices. All invoices should reference the correct Amgen legal entity name. Invoices tied to a Purchase Order (PO) must reference the correct PO Number, otherwise they will be rejected. For non-PO related invoices, you must include a valid Amgen email address on the invoice (this is different from the paper process which only required a contact name). The email address should be that of the staff member who purchased the goods or services.

  • Suppliers who choose the Integrated Solution are charged an annual membership fee, plus a small transaction fee per invoice sent to Amgen. Suppliers who choose the Web Form are not required to pay a set-up or joining fee to start using the service. They receive a certain number of initial invoices for free, after which package of invoices must be purchased. Invoice packages are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

  • The membership fee covers the cost to Tungsten Network for setting suppliers up on their network and the general costs of maintaining the network. This once a year cost is not charged per customer, so suppliers can invoice any other customers actively utilizing the Tungsten Network for the same annual fee.

  • To use the Tungsten Network service, both Amgen and the supplier pay a fee, as both will benefit from the service. Amgen does not cover Suppliers costs to produce paper invoices. Consider that Suppliers will save costs for paper, printing and post when moving to e-Invoicing. Analysis shows that moving to electronic invoicing will create savings for suppliers by streamlining their processes and significantly reducing the number of invoices that are paid late.

  • Tungsten Network is not a payment platform. Amgen will continue to use their current payment method to pay all Suppliers.

  • Yes, regardless of the solution you choose, you will be required to accept Tungsten Network’s terms and conditions.

  • No. There is no software required. Tungsten Network provides an easy to use solution. Instead of mandating data standards, Tungsten Network’s ANY-TO-ANY Formatting capability accepts invoices in any format and any file structure.

  • The minimum operating system requirements are: Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, Linux or Mac OS 9.2*.

    Minimum browser requirements are: Version 9 of Internet Explorer and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

  • EDI and XML are just data formats as far as Tungsten Network is concerned; therefore you can use this preferred format to deliver the data to Tungsten Network if you choose to use the Integrated Solution. Amgen will not accept any electronic data directly from Suppliers since there is now a single consolidated invoice file from Tungsten Network that contains all supplier invoices.

  • Electronic invoicing applies to all countries where Tungsten Network are tax compliant.

  • The implementation of e-Invoicing will be managed on behalf by Tungsten Network. In the first instance you should contact Tungsten Network to discuss your queries for the Integrated Solution.

  • If you print invoices generated by any invoicing system, you can send invoice data files to Tungsten Network using the Integrated Solution.  If you raise invoices manually (Word, Excel etc.) you can access Tungsten’s e-Invoicing platform via the secure web site and create invoices online using the Web Form. No software installation is required; all you need is an internet connection and standard browser.

  • Once you are set-up and ready to transact via the network, Tungsten Network will send you an alert to notify you that you are ready to submit invoices to our accounts department.

  • Yes. Once you are subscribed to the Tungsten Network, your account can be setup to send electronic invoices to any other customers that are members of the network.

  • Our stated aim is to have suppliers registered and sending e-invoices by November 18, 2014. The Tungsten Network accepts any incoming data formats so you can join the network and send your invoices.  When you are ready to use your new software, simply advise Tungsten Network of the changes to data output and they will make the necessary changes to the network, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted invoice delivery.

  • Yes. Tungsten Network provides Sales, Implementation and Support services in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese.

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