Welcome to electronic invoicing for Amgen

As part of Amgen's ongoing policy to continuously improve efficiency and service, we have implemented an electronic invoicing program for all invoices to Amgen via Tungsten Network. We have chosen Tungsten to be the supplier to provide the electronic invoicing service and we strongly believe that this new process will prove mutually beneficial to Amgen and our Suppliers.

Amgen buyer entities in scope for e-invoicing with Tungsten Network

Please reference your Amgen Purchase Orders (PO) to determine which Amgen entities to add to your Tungsten account. If you are still unsure which entities to add, e-mail us at [email protected].

Company Code Amgen Buyer Name Country Tungsten Network Buyer Account Number
1001 Amgen Inc. US AAA436831598
1002 Amgen U.S.A Inc. US AAA767974918
1003 Immunex Corporation US AAA772307716
1004 Immunex Purchase Acctng US AAA625963293
1005 Immunex Purchase Rhode Island Corp US AAA236243856
1006 Amgen SF, LLC US AAA606852457
1009 Amgen Canada Inc. CA AAA521797019
1010 Amgen Cambridge Real Estate Holdings Inc. US AAA439722539
1011 Amgen Worldwide Services, Inc. US AAA229278924
1012 Amgen Worldwide Services, P.R US AAA072598097
1015 Amgen (Europe) GmbH CH AAA833305287
1016 Amgen (Europe) GmbH NL AAA000652727
1017 Amgen International AG CH AAA856091004
1018 Amgen Europe B.V. NL AAA515819316
1019 Amgen Australia Pty Ltd AU AAA898016415
1020 Amgen B.V. NL AAA590799052
1021 Amgen AB SE AAA966088114
1022 Amgen Switzerland AG CH AAA229346218
1023 Amgen - Bio-Farmacêutica PT AAA109831495
1024 Amgen GmbH (Austria) AT AAA422309781
1025 Amgen GmbH (Germany) DE AAA971023452
1026 Amgen Ireland Limited IE AAA104666664
1027 Amgen Limited UK AAA493875611
1028 Amgen N.V. BE AAA319690558
1029 Amgen Research GmbH DE AAA101285328
1030 Amgen, S.A. ES AAA194868170
1031 Amgen S.A.S. FR AAA369361753
1032 Amgen Dompe S.p.A IT AAA983315193
1033 Amgen Sp. z o. o. PL AAA044435915
1034 Amgen s.r.o. CZ AAA149766941
1035 Amgen Kft HU AAA455223479
1036 Amgen AB DK AAA993921030
1038 Amgen AB FI AAA473243467
1039 Amgen Pharmaceuticals d.o SI AAA714843406
1040 Amgen AB NO AAA899483028
1044 Amgen Manufact. Limited PR AAA846080737
1054 Amgen New Zealand NZ AAA229297205
1059 Amgen (Middle East) FZ LL AE AAA757273735
1061 Amgen Technology (Ireland) IE AAA563843838
1064 Amgen Fremont US AAA763215381
1065 Amgen British Columbia CA AAA150337855
1067 Amgen Global Finance NL AAA424751352
1071 Amgen Mexico SA de CV MX AAA887826592
1084 Amgen Biotec IT AAA687176065
1086 Amgen Worldwide Holdings B.V. NL AAA876992900
1094 BioVex, Inc (1094) US AAA756039004
1095 BioVex Limited (1095) UK AAA850614181
1096 Amgen Biotechnologia S.p.z.o.o. PL AAA766959886
1097 Amgen Rockville Inc. US AAA476303417
1100 Amgen Research (Munich) GmbH DE AAA303992077
1101 South African Company ZA AAA626988935
1107 Amgen Singapore Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. SG AAA148473002
1120 Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc. US AAA984750588
1124 Onyx Pharmaceuticals International GmbH CH AA544341019

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