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Warner Bros buyer entities in scope for e-invoicing with Tungsten Network

For information about the Warner Bros legal entities available for you to invoice via Tungsten Network, please consult the file on the below link.

List of Warner Bros Entities on Tungsten Network

Please use this list to ensure that you have established the correct trading relationships on Tungsten Network to invoice Warner Bros.

Tungsten Network Account Number Buyer Name Country Company code
AAA112060934 WCI Global Business Srvcs UNITED STATES 2015
AAA936775212 New Line Productions, Inc UNITED STATES 2299
AAA070996905 WB Animation, Inc. UNITED STATES 2380
AAA381544717 WB Pictures International UNITED STATES 2407
AAA486217227 WBTV Distribution Inc. UNITED STATES 2608
AAA478893597 Time Telepic TV (Victory) UNITED STATES 2311
AAA833096167 WB Games Montreal Inc. CANADA 2710
AAA387054737 Burbank Television Enterprises LLC UNITED STATES 2019
AAA151670734 Warner Bros. Television UNITED STATES 2300
AAA565823549 WB Intl TV Dist Inc UNITED STATES 2601
AAA660915380 Warner Specialty Video Pr UNITED STATES 2214
AAA685620833 Warner Bros. Pictures Dom UNITED STATES 2400
AAA059096214 WB Home Entertainment UNITED STATES 2500
AAA287449193 W Bros. Entertainment Inc UNITED STATES 2000
AAA906047303 Warner Bros. Studio Facil UNITED STATES 2100
AAA302561972 WB Advanced Media Service UNITED STATES 2131
AAA729064535 DC Comics UNITED STATES 2150
AAA601231947 WB Consumer Products Inc UNITED STATES 2700
AAA421483900 EC Publications Inc UNITED STATES 2151
AAA374150266 Warner Bros. Pictures UNITED STATES 2201
AAA513917013 WB Technical Operations UNITED STATES 2130
AAA212062244 Telepictures Production UNITED STATES 2301
AAA962566287 WB TV Distribution Inc. UNITED STATES 2600
AAA907028948 Turbine, Inc. UNITED STATES 2709
AAA932503550 WBShop.com Inc UNITED STATES 2515
AAA833838121 WB Ent Canada Inc CANADA 2403
AAA500195649 WB Games Inc. UNITED STATES 2704
AAA050541671 WB Entertainment UK Ltd. UNITED KINGDOM 6000
AAA937886521 WB Entertainment GmbH GERMANY 6014
AAA211211818 Warner Bros. Entertainment Norge AS NORWAY 6509
AAA652574260 Rocksteady Studios Ltd UNITED KINGDOM 6211
AAA895968360 Travellers Tales (UK) Ltd UNITED KINGDOM 6124
AAA922326616 WB Productions Ltd-UK UNITED KINGDOM 6200
AAA001508522 Warner Home Video UK Lt UNITED KINGDOM 6502
AAA553769076 Warner Bros. Entertainment Switzerland GmbH SWITZERLAND 6005
AAA237521489 Warner Bros. Entertainment Danmark ApS DENMARK 6511
AAA538234410 Warner Bros. Entertainment Sverige AB SWEDEN 6013
AAA348419789 TT Games Ltd UNITED KINGDOM 6122
AAA258134659 Warner Bros. Entertainment Nederland B.V. NETHERLANDS 6004
AAA954142170 Warner Bros. Entertainment Nederland B.V. (Belgium branche) BELGIUM 6501
AAA184898120 WB Studios Leavesden Ltd UNITED KINGDOM 6115
AAA694882093 WB Int’l TV Prod Ltd UNITED KINGDOM 6700
AAA145410916 Warner Bros. Entertainment France SAS FRANCE 6007
AAA672965712 Warner Bros Entertainment España S.L. SPAIN 6505
AAA534757265 Warner Bros. Pictures GmbH AUSTRIA 6002
AAA359804507 New Line Cinema LLC UNITED STATES 2099
AAA532182995 Playdemic Limited UNITED KINGDOM 6129
AAA886324367 Warner Bros. Digital Networks, Inc. UNITED STATES 2530
AAA756952073 New Line Int’l Releasing UNITED STATES 3001
AAA433477346 Alloy Entertainment UNITED STATES 2343
AAA590460796 Warner Specialty Prod UNITED STATES 2212
AAA427334818 TT Animation Ltd UNITED KINGDOM 6126
AAA443054762 Digital Cinema Dist UNITED STATES 2132
AAA460873920 Warner Specialty Films UNITED STATES 2211
AAA288983844 Quincy Jones/David Salzma UNITED STATES 2304
AAA835743758 Quincy Jones Ent UNITED STATES 2305
AAA766485684 Girl Group Prod Inc. UNITED STATES 2306
AAA098338643 Dawn Syndicated Prod Inc UNITED STATES 2308
AAA264205345 AND Syndicated Prod Inc UNITED STATES 2309
AAA534580600 TP Promotions Inc. UNITED STATES 2310
AAA261753487 TTT West Coast, Inc. UNITED STATES 2312
AAA738706365 WAD Productions Inc. UNITED STATES 2313
AAA394163216 TMZ Productions, Inc UNITED STATES 2314
AAA503209710 One Thirty Seven Prod UNITED STATES 2317
AAA015795107 STZ Productions Inc. UNITED STATES 2318
AAA052285848 ANE Productions, Inc. UNITED STATES 2319
AAA635868961 EHM Productions Inc. UNITED STATES 2321
AAA721277556 1391 Productions Inc. UNITED STATES 2324
AAA283023117 Warner Horizon Television UNITED STATES 2325
AAA227519337 Horizon Scripted TV Inc. UNITED STATES 2326
AAA333382133 Horizon Alternative Television Inc. UNITED STATES 2327
AAA390636975 Bonanza Productions Inc. UNITED STATES 2338
AAA166491282 WB Theatre Ventures Inc. UNITED STATES 2360
AAA304070485 Elf Broadway, Inc. UNITED STATES 2361
AAA069032373 Warner New Asia Inc. UNITED STATES 2409
AAA409805389 WB Latin America Adv Serv UNITED STATES 4605
AAA523961894 Castle Rock Ent UNITED STATES 2900
AAA896185469 Castle Rock Pictures Inc. UNITED STATES 2901
AAA636573057 Castle Rock TV UNITED STATES 2902
AAA521301341 Machinima, Inc UNITED STATES 2521
AAA707532388 WB Communications Inc UNITED STATES 2971
AAA566202842 Turner Home Entertainment UNITED STATES 2913
AAA484105440 Turner Feature Animation UNITED STATES 2912
AAA409257037 Turner Entertainment Co UNITED STATES 2910
AAA125761114 Turner Enter Dist Serv UNITED STATES 2909
AAA373814417 Hanna Barbera Productions UNITED STATES 2907
AAA822029781 Hanna-Barbera Enterprises UNITED STATES 2906
AAA337331433 Hanna-Barbera Cartoons UNITED STATES 2905
AAA473683142 Shed Media US Inc. UNITED STATES 2611
AAA029180932 Rebel Post Inc. UNITED STATES 2630
AAA369043054 Blue Ribbon Content Inc. UNITED STATES 2207

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