Welcome to electronic invoicing for Siemens

Siemens is switching to electronic invoicing with Tungsten Network

Siemens buyer entities in scope for e-invoicing with Tungsten Network

Please use this list to ensure that you have established the correct trading relationships on Tungsten Network to invoice Siemens.

Organisation ID Buyer Entity Name Country VAT Number Registration Number
A1104719 Siemens Plc UK GB479985260 727817
A1104710 Siemens Transmission & Distribution Ltd UK GB479985260 631825
A1104718 Electrium Sales Ltd UK GB479985260 2226729
- Siemens Rail Automation Holdings Ltd UK GB479985260 16033
A1104716 Siemens AS Norway NO915826946MVA N/A
A1104746 Siemens Sp. Z o.o. Poland PL5260302870 N/A
A1104746 Siemens Ltd Ireland IE8Y49352S N/A
A1104747 Siemens Osakeyhtioe Finland FI01139012 N/A
A1104717 Siemens AB Sweden SE556003292101 N/A

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