Welcome to electronic invoicing for Oracle

As part of our overall strategy to move away from paper-based processing, Oracle is continuing to roll-out the mandatory electronic invoicing program for all invoices submitted to Oracle from our goods and service providers.

With e-invoicing, you will benefit from secure and guaranteed invoice delivery within hours, which will allow Oracle to process your invoices quickly and accurately. The paperless e-invoicing solution is also in line with Oracle’s Green Strategy.

Oracle has partnered with Tungsten Network, a third-party e-invoicing service provider, to facilitate your transition to e-invoicing and to manage the process going forward. Tungsten Network offers flexible options for submitting e-invoices that accommodate a wide variety of supplier sizes, systems, and processing needs.

What it means for you

By joining Tungsten Network, you will experience greater efficiencies from Oracle’s Accounts Payable department. This initiative is key to our strategy moving forward and we are confident you will see significant benefits to your business.

Fast Invoice Delivery
Predictable payments
Early invoice validation

One e-invoicing network, two solutions


The Tungsten Network Integrated Solution is recommended for users who send a high volume of invoices.

  • Send directly from your accounting system
  • Invoice status updates & email notifications
  • Send yourself copies of the invoices and create custom reports
  • Customer Connect

Web Form

The Tungsten Network Web Form Solution is recommended for users who send a low volume of invoices.

  • 52 free invoices annually
  • Send invoices through the Tungsten Portal
  • Invoice status updates & email notifications
  • Send yourself copies of the invoices and create custom reports
  • Customer Connect

This e-invoicing Initiative includes purchase Order (PO) invoices only.

All invoices must reference the relevant PO number in the PO number field.

Web Portal PO Details are for information purpose only

    • The PO details on the Tungsten Network Web portal are not an official order and are for information purposes only.

The official PO containing terms and conditions will be sent to you via your Oracle sourcing specialist. Your official PO contains complete details that may not be present on your Tungsten Network invoice line preview.

Required e-Invoice Data Elements

  • Oracle PO number
  • The PO line number for each invoice line submitted
  • Currency of the invoice submitted
  • Quantity of items invoiced by line number
  • Cost per item invoiced
  • Unit of measure for each item invoiced
  • Bill-to Oracle location, including address
  • Ship-to Oracle location, including address
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Tax/ VAT amount, if applicable
  • Ship to/Tax Point date

Please review the Oracle invoice guidelines for suppliers for further information about these data elements.

Possible Scenarios for Invoice Rejection by Tungsten Network

Rejection Reason Rejection Scenario
Invalid PO Number PO-based invoice is submitted without an Oracle PO number.
Invalid PO Number PO-based invoice is submitted with an incorrect Oracle PO number. If the PO Number matches the PO number you have received from Oracle, please contact [email protected] for further information.
Not on Buyer Positive List Your Tungsten Network account is not configured to submit invoices via Tungsten Network to Oracle. Please contact Tungsten Network Support so they may configure/activate your Tungsten Network account.
Postal Code Missing Invoice is submitted without the Ship-to Address.
Lookup Not Found or File Not Parsed There may be inconsistency in the extracted data file format that you are providing to Tungsten Network. Please contact Tungsten Network Support.

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