Welcome to electronic invoicing for Colgate/Hill’s

Colgate has partnered with Tungsten Network to provide a simpler way for suppliers to submit invoices

Colgate/Hill’s policies

Please ensure that your invoices meet the below policy guidelines to ensure that your invoices are paid in a timely manner consist with your payment terms:

PO Terms & Conditions

Once enrolled with Tungsten, all Purchase Order (PO) distribution will be through the Tungsten Network to you. You will receive a PO notification e-mail from Tungsten for any new, changed or cancelled POs. Deleted PO Lines may show a zero quantity on the Purchase Order or the PO Line Item may not be displayed for the deleted item.

If there is no signed contract in place with Colgate/Hill’s, the Purchase Order (PO) Terms and Conditions will apply.

Invoice submission and status updates

To ensure you successfully submit your invoices via Tungsten we recommend you review the below links and documents. Via Tungsten you can review the status of your invoices at any time.


Please click here for Colgate AP contacts.

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