Welcome to electronic invoicing for Centrica

Centrica has successfully implemented an e-Invoicing project, which will enable our suppliers to submit invoices to us electronically. This improves the efficiency of our processing enabling us to better ensure we pay all of our suppliers on time. We aim to fully adopt e-Invoicing and will be phasing out acceptance of paper invoices.


E-invoicing provides mutual benefits, allowing you as a supplier to reduce your processing and distribution costs. You will be able to identify and resolve any queries promptly as well as view payment status online. e-Invoicing also helps fulfill our commitment to the environment, we estimate that this initiative will reduce annual paper usage equating to 260 trees.

To support your move to e-Invoicing and to manage the process going forward, Centrica has partnered with Tungsten Network. Tungsten Network offers flexible options for submitting e-invoices that accommodate a wide variety of supplier sizes, systems, and processing needs.

Suppliers do not need to install any hardware or software or change the way their systems are configured.

With no hardware or software to install, subscribing to the network is simple and suppliers can be sending invoices electronically within a short period of time after sign-up. Crucially, the Tungsten Network satisfies the demands of VAT/TAX administrations across Europe and North America who have accepted the removal of the need for a hard copy invoice for companies using the Tungsten Network service.

Select your preferred e-invoicing option


The Tungsten Network Integrated Invoice Solution is recommended for users who send a high volume of invoices.

  • Send directly from your accounting system
  • Invoice status updates & email notifications
  • Send yourself copies of the invoices and create custom reports
  • Customer Connect

Web Form

The Tungsten Network Web Form Invoice Solution is recommended for users who send a low volume of invoices.

  • 52 free invoices annually
  • Send invoices through the Tungsten Portal
  • Invoice status updates & email notifications
  • Send yourself copies of the invoices and create custom reports
  • Customer Connect

Contact Tungsten Network

If you would like to join the Tungsten Network then please contact the Supplier Enrolment team using the below contact details. Please note that they should only be contacted for questions relating to Tungsten Network registration and enrolment. Please refer to Service Support for details on how to contact Tungsten Network if you are already registered to use the network.

Supplier Enrolment

Telephone – Find your local number here.

Email: [email protected]

Service Support

If you have registered with Tungsten Network and you have questions relating to the service or the processing of your invoices, please login to your account to raise a support ticket. This is the fastest way for your enquiry to be managed. If you would prefer to speak to Tungsten Network Support, they can be contacted using the telephone number here.

Contact Centrica

To discuss the electronic invoicing initiative and its importance to Centrica, please contact your Centrica buyer/requestor or the Centrica e-Invoicing team at [email protected].

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