Compliance in the age of COVID

Governments around the world are feeling the impact of COVID-19 just as much as buyers and suppliers. In an effort to ‘jump start’ economies and compensate for long-term revenue shortfalls, VAT rate reductions are being introduced and compliance mandates are rapidly emerging.

In this webinar, Tungsten Network’s Ruud van Hilten, SVP, Product Compliance, will explore the ever-changing compliance landscape and offer insight into the key issues global businesses need to prepare for in the weeks and months to come.

Countries covered in this session:

11:12 Vietnam, Greece, Egypt
12:41 UK, Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia
12:55 Italy, Turkey
15:03 Mexico, Brazil, Turkey
15:17 India, Greece, Argentina
16:57 Greece
18:02 India
18:36 Germany
18:45 Egypt
19:26 UK
20:23 Italy
20:50 Portugal
21:07 China
23:20 Serbia
23:40 Poland
25:11 Czech Republic
25:48 Vietnam, Philippines, Oman
26:47 France
27:00 Japan
27:22 Saudi Arabia, UAE
29:18 India
36:27 Germany

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