How has e-invoicing changed your business?

Finance managers from HP, Alliance Data, Siemens, Orange Business Services, and DHL chime in on how e-invoicing has changed their business.

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From invoice automation, to improving process times, to increasing productivity, e-invoicing is helping businesses get paid faster and reduce their costs.

How has e-invoicing changed your business?

Jeff Fiorini, Manager of P2P Process Transformation, HP – It’s more than just getting off of paper, it’s really automating the process, and improving the level of satisfaction.

Yolanda Quevedo, AP Manager, Alliance Data – Our process was completely manual, per se. We had an average of 53 days for processing time for invoices. Our productivity was very low, we had about 4,500 invoices per full time employee. And the cost per invoice was about 20 dollars.

Meg McGrath, Regional Project Manager, Siemens – We really did a very intensive supply selection process, and Tungsten basically came up top of the class there in fact.

Gabriella Philippens, Senior Process Consultant, DHL – We hear feedback from the suppliers that indeed invoices are paid quicker than paper.

Jeff Fiorini, Manager P2P Process Transformation, HP – Latest campaign has been very successful and we’ve been able to get 90% of our targeted suppliers onboard, representing 115% of the invoice volume. And you can see that over a years period, we were able to double the amount of invoices coming in for the scope of that campaign. We were able to bring in a lot more suppliers than we initially expected in the beginning.

Anna Gburczyk, Business Transformation Manager, Orange Business Services – Of course, we are ultimately responsible for our taxes, but we know that we can get the confidence when dealing with you, that the invoice data that we receive, will actually be compliant.

Yolanda Quevedo, AP Manager, Alliance Data – We have almost doubled the amount of papers that we process. We have been able to increase the output by up to 15,000, or more than 15,000 invoices per full time employee. Not only the volume has doubled, but the cost per invoice has gone down.

Meg McGrath, Regional Project Manager, Siemens – Clearly the way to go is with e-invoicing, to get away from paper, that will cut down on the amount of errors, the amount of issues, the interaction with our suppliers will be much quicker, much more slick. And ultimately it promoted payment on time, because naturally, the invoice flow comes in a lot quicker.

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