Cómo crear una factura o una nota de crédito

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Video Transcript: Create an invoice or credit note

Hello, this video was designed to show you how easy it is to submit invoices and credit notes via the Tungsten Network portal.

From the Home page, click “Create Invoice“. You also have the option to click “Invoicing” in the main menu bar. Next, click “Create Invoice“.

To begin, select your customer by clicking the blue circle located under the customer section. Once your customer has been selected, please choose if you are submitting an invoice or credit from the drop-down menu. After entering your unique invoice or credit note number, click “Create“.

Please enter your name, phone number and email address in the “Your Details” section. Enter the name, phone number and email address for your customer contact in the “Who you are invoicing” section.

Tungsten Network also gives you the ability to save contact details. To save a contact that will be referenced on future submissions, click the blue circle next to “Your Details” and “Who you are Invoicing” sections.

If shipping products, enter the “Ship from” and “Ship to” address. if the “Invoice from” and “Ship from” addresses are the same, or you have not shipped products, do not click the box to enter the “Ship from” address. Tungsten Network also gives you the ability to save shipping addresses. To save a shipping address for future use, please click the blue circle next to the “Ship to” section you would like to update.

When creating an invoice or credit note, it’s important to ensure the document type is correct. If you would like to update the document type, please select “Invoice or “Credit Note” from the drop down menu. Please make sure the Invoice date, Payment due date and Delivery date are selected using the calendar. This will ensure your date is in the correct format upon submitting your invoice or credit note.

Your Currency has been preselected for you based off the country shown in “Your Details” section. If changing the currency, you must enter the currency exchange rate located at the bottom of the page. If the country shown in the invoice from address is invalid, please visit “My Account” located at the top of the page to update your company’s “Invoice from” address.

Many customers receiving invoices from Tungsten Network require only one purchase order number per invoice or credit note. It’s best to become familiar with your Buyer’s requirement as you may have special permission to reference multiple purchase orders per invoice or credit note. If your customer does not require a purchase order number, please bypass the purchase order number section.

To enter a line item, select “Add“. Select the line item type from the drop down menu. Your first line item must be a “Good” or “Service” line item. After you have satisfied the requirement, you are allowed to enter other line item types such as Special Line items. Enter the description and code/part number if applicable. The system requires your unit of measurement, quantity and unit price.

If referencing tax on your invoice or credit note, select the tax type from the drop down menu. Some users may not have the option to enter tax at the line level. These users are located in a region where tax must be entered at the “Summary” level.

Click “Additional Line Level Information” if you wish to add additional information and/or a date range to your line item. Once all line item details have been entered, press “Save Line Item“.

It’s important to note you have the option to add additional line items or you can continue to create your invoice or credit note as the system does allow entry of multiple line items per invoice or credit note.

When submitting a credit note, please ensure to provide the original invoice number, original invoice date and reason for your credit note submission. In the invoice line item section, do not enter negative values in the quantity or unit price fields. The system does not allow the entry of negative signs. When the line item is saved, the document will be treated as a credit note. The Gross Amount will not reflect a negative value.

If you have an attachment, please upload prior to submitting your invoice or credit note. The attachment option should be used for supporting documentation that is required to approve your invoice or credit note. Please do not attach an additional copy of an invoice.

If requesting early payment, click “Apply A Discount To My Payment” to enter your early payment terms.

If you would like to make changes to your remit details, please do so at this time. Prior to submitting your invoice, press “Preview” to ensure all information entered is accurate. Click “Send” to submit your invoice or credit note. Your invoice and/or credit note has been submitted successfully.

Tungsten Network allows you to track the progress of your invoice once submitted. To access invoice status go to “Invoicing” shown on the main menu and select “Invoice status“. Once you submit your invoice or credit note, it will be validated to ensure it is legally compliant and that it has all the required fields requested by your customer. During this time, your invoice will be in a “Sent” status. Once the validation is complete, you will receive an e-mail confirmation notifying you if the invoice has been accepted (passed) or rejected (failed validation), and the invoice status will be updated accordingly. If your invoice has failed, it will not be passed to your customer. It’s your responsibility to correct any errors and resubmit, if appropriate. If accepted, Tungsten Network will deliver your invoice or credit note to your customer within 24 hrs and update the invoice status accordingly.

Submitting invoices and credits notes via Tungsten Network is very easy. You are encouraged to use the “Help & Support” page if you need assistance navigating the Tungsten Network portal or are experiencing a technical issue using the site.