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Video Transcript: Manage your company and user settings

Welcome to the Tungsten Network portal. In this video I will show you how to manage your company and user settings. To access this area, go to the “My Account” link at the top of the page.

The page has two sections: “My Profile“, which allows you to manage your details, and “My Company“, which is where you update the settings for you organisation. Only authorised users can edit this information, and I’ll show you how to control access rights as part of this video. First, let’s look at the “My Profile” section.

The “User Details” page allows you to update your information. The page is self explanatory, but I’d like to draw your attention to two features: the left-hand navigation allows you to easily find your way around the “My Account” pages. Menu items are greyed out if you do not have access rights to a particular area. In addition, you’ll notice the green help-tip icon. You will find these throughout the site, they provide you with help specific to the field you’re populating. For example it’s important to note that if you change your email address, this also changes your login ID.

Now let’s look at the “My Company” section. There are three areas that I’d like to draw your attention to. You can manage your company’s security settings so that they comply with your security policy. You can choose whether or not your users need to set a memorable word and increase the complexity of their passwords. If you change these settings, users will be forced to update their credentials next time they log in.

Another area to highlight is user management. From this page you can edit or add new users and define their access permissions. Let’s edit a user’s details by clicking on the pencil icon. You’ll recognise this screen from the “My Profile” section. The “Access Rights” tab allows you to control which areas of the portal your users have available to them. For example, you can see which areas this user doesn’t have access to as they are not ticked. Let’s take away Adam’s ability to update the company logo. When you save the changes the portal tells you that they have been updated.

From “My Company” you can also manage invoice information. The options available here depend on the type of supplier you are. One area that is common to all suppliers is “Static Data“. This is information that Tungsten Network automatically adds to the bottom of every invoice we create for you.

In this video we’ve highlighted some of the most important sections within “My Account“. You may play this video as often as you like to become more familiar with the “Manage Company” and “User Settings” sections of the Tungsten Network Portal.