Invoice Processing Procedures

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What do your current invoice processing procedures look like? Are you amongst the businesses at the forefront of digital change utilizing electronic invoicing? With electronic invoicing technology in place, businesses of any size can adopt faster, smoother practices which save valuable time and resource, as well as paper. Rarely does a product or service benefit a businesses’ bottom line and the environment as effectively as e-invoicing.

The number of businesses using e-invoicing to improve their accounting procedures is rapidly approaching a critical mass. This technology is no longer a secret weapon for the more tech savvy businesses, but a must have for any company looking to stay competitive. Without it, each invoice requires a person to open, scan, and send it to the correct department, before it is filed and archived. And even then it can get lost along the way.

However, while many of the world’s largest organizations use e-invoicing to transact with their suppliers (Tungsten Network alone serves 56% of the Fortune 500 and 67% of the FTSE 100), there are also too many businesses that are still somewhat stuck in the past and have yet to reap the benefits of financial automation.

Are you ready to leave paper behind and embrace electronic? To learn more about the benefits of e-invoicing with Tungsten Network, download this category insight today.

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