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Use Invoice Data Capture to convert paper and pdf invoices to digital

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The goal for an AP department is to receive fully electronic invoices and remove paper from the office.  Receiving paper invoices and transferring the data manually is time consuming, expensive and error prone. However, some suppliers are not yet equipped to provide invoices electronically and an interim solution is needed.

What is Invoice Data Capture?

Invoice data capture is the first rung on the ladder to digital invoicing. Tungsten Network captures mailed or e-mailed invoices and converts those invoices into electronic files compatible with existing systems. Throughout the process, we validate the captured data, achieving a high rate of accuracy. With IDC, your information’s accuracy will be higher than 99% – better than the industry standard for data capture, and approximately 30% more than the accuracy rate for optical character recognition (OCR) software. Tungsten Network IDC can digitise paper invoices in 22 languages. We can even translate Japanese, Mandarin and Korean into English.

With IDC, your information’s accuracy will be higher than 99%

Benefits to Buyers

  • Remove paper processing from the office
  • Maintain supplier relationships with little to no impact to their current invoice submission methods
  • 99% accuracy of data
  • 22 languages supported

Benefits to suppliers

  • No additional costs
  • Realize more reliable payments, and visibility into invoice statuses

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