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Supplier Connect Overview

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It is vital for buyers and suppliers to get value from the network as quickly as possible and supplier onboarding is key to that. We’ve been reviewing the process from start to finish and exploring innovative ways to make the process faster and easier for all involved.

Supplier Connect is several projects with technical functionality and features that will modernise and revolutionise the way we onboard suppliers end to end. From supplier type segmentation, e-invoice sending options, internal process management and new user interfaces along the journey.

Below is a breakdown of the component projects of Supplier Connect and the benefits and outcomes for each project for buyer and supplier customers.

Supplier Connect isn’t a quick fix but will put us in a great position to scale long term and give suppliers a modern SaaS experience whilst optimising efficiencies through automation.

Supplier Connect projects; click to read the specific detail of each:

Phase 1 – Self Service Integration – Master Map
Phase 2 –Self Service Integration – Custom Map
Phase 3 – ‘Cloud Integration’ – Connectivity with Sage and Xero via partner API
Phase 4 – Supplier Onboarding wizard

Key dates:
October 2021 – Phase 1 BETA testing of Self-Service Integration for buyers and suppliers

We’ll add more information and downloads to each project as we progress

Image 1 – Simplified Integrated Onboarding
Image 2 – Phase 5 Onboarding wizard wireframe
Video: H1 Product Power Hour Webinar

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