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Supplier Connect – Self Service Custom Map Integration

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What is integration?
Tungsten’s Integrated (Custom Map) Service is a connection method for suppliers to connect their ERP or finance system with Tungsten to transfer invoice data electronically via the network to their buyers. The submitted invoice data is validated through the country, fiscal and business compliance rules, without manual intervention, typing or processing.

Why we’re launching Self Service Integration
Today, a supplier integration project can take up to 180 days, and that’s not good enough when both buyer and supplier want to see value from joining the network straight away.
Our quickest implementations have taken just two weeks, so we know it’s possible, but why aren’t all integrations as quick?
Like any project, you need the right people, clear communication and milestones documented to stay on track. Today the integration project relies on manual emails, some confusing information if you’re not technical and milestones that can lapse if not visible and trackable.

Through end to end analysis of the process and customer interviews, we’re enhancing the Integration project process by taking it online. Through new user interfaces, both supplier and buyer will have a centralised place to complete, input and track their integration projects in real-time.
We’re also updating our custom map documentation to make it easier to understand for less technical users and cutting out a lot of unnecessary information.

Development starting Q4 2021
Beta anticipated Spring 2021

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