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Send compliant e-invoices to German Federal Institutes

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What is happening?

On 27 November, Germany’s Federal B2G e-invoice mandate for suppliers came into effect, marking another sizeable economy’s step towards the adoption of e-invoicing, that means all entities delivering invoices to federal bodies are obliged to deliver using one of the approved channels and formats: XRechnung via approved network like PEPPOL or Zugferd 2.0 via email.

This mandate as it stands now applies to all Federal public institutes and authorities and aims to ensure compliance with EU norm EN16931. However, Germany has announced its schedule for mandatory B2G e-Invoicing. The second phase came into action in April 2021 for the regional and communal levels.

Choosing Tungsten means customers can deliver in both formats under the same solution

What are Tungsten doing to support this?

As a certified PEPPOL Access Point provider we can handle the delivery of invoices through the PEPPOL network that meet the required standards. learn more

Tungsten is ready to support both the XRechnung and the ZUGFeRD format and handle delivery of invoices for new or existing Webform or Integrated customers. Whether you need to onboard or upgrade, we can assist with everything you need  learn more

Choosing Tungsten means customers can deliver in both formats under the same solution, meaning you won’t have to bear the cost of connecting with multiple entities for multiple sending formats. Let us future proof your delivery.


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