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New PDF invoice submission method via email

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Up until now there have been two ways for suppliers to submit invoices through the Tungsten Network. An invoice can be created manually in the Tungsten supplier portal or integration can be set up creating a direct flow from a customer’s ERP/finance system to Tungsten to be processed.  While the portal is free from any IT set up requirements, entering a high number of invoices this way can prove time consuming with a risk of data entry error.  In contrast with an integrated solution, invoice submission is touchless, but it does require a one-off IT configuration project, making it unsuitable for those without resource capability to undertake the project or financially viable for those with a median number of invoices to send.

What is Email-in?

Email in has been developed for the suppliers in the middle ground (100-600), for whom submitting invoices via the portal may be too time consuming but with volumes yet to reach the levels needed to justify an integrated connection.

How does it work?

With Email In, suppliers will save time keying in basing information by sending their structured PDF invoices to a new mailbox, where information will be automatically extracted. The supplier will then log into Email In via the portal and view their formatted invoice alongside the original. They’ll review and correct any data before sending for payment. We will then process the invoice against country, fiscal and your buyer rules and the supplier will be able to follow the invoice status as they do today

“It’s easy to go into the solution to fix and update extraction issues specific to our invoices, it really saves me a ton of time, so I am pleased”
– Sherri Perry, Credit Manager, Dixie Tank Company and Dixie Industrial

 Benefits for suppliers

  • Self Serve, don’t need IT project to start​
  • Invoice can be uploaded using the accounting software-generated PDF without having to manually key it in, saving time​
  • Less risk of error as data is automatically extracted from the structured PDF

 Benefits for Buyers

  • A new invoice submission option to capture and convert suppliers
  • The same standardised & compliant invoices as Webform and Integrated submission methods
  • Validation performed before submission, meaning less exceptions and happier suppliersHow to take advantage of Email In
    Suppliers can enrol for Email In during onboarding (Currently only available for UK & US suppliers.)
    Buyers should reach out to their Tungsten Account Manager to include Email In as an option in your next enrolment campaign.


Download our Email In Overview Sheet

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