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Making it easy for suppliers to find and connect to buyers on the network

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It is common for a supplier to have multiple buyers on the Tungsten network but until now connecting to them has required an invitation from the buyer via a Tungsten managed campaign.  Connection outside of this process has become our number one supplier service desk request. As a manual operation this required the exchange of information over multiple emails potentially causing delay.

How does Customer Connect Work?

Now it is simple for suppliers to search for and request to be connected to a buyer on the Tungsten network by raising a connection request within the portal.  The dashboard view provides suppliers with a view of all those customers they are already connected with and the ability to browse or search for new buyers to connect with.

Customer connect users will be asked to provide up to three documents and a vendor code to support the approval process. An email will be sent to the buyer customer to inform them of a suppliers wish to connect.

Buyers can use the customer connect tool to send an invitation to specific suppliers to ask them to connect with them and start submitting invoices over the network.

I always email to bother you, this time I just wanted to express how amazing this tool(?) is!

Benefits for suppliers

  • Easier and faster onboarding experience
  • Reduction in time to transact
  • No fees for new buyer connections

Benefits for buyers

  • Further control over your network connections
  • Opportunity to invite suppliers to connect outside of the campaign cycle

Benefits to both buyers and suppliers

  • Increased visibility of businesses on the network
  • Clarity on the process for connection requests
  • Strengthen the network effect encouraging multi-buyer connection

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