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Delivering a direct feed of invoice statuses back to a suppliers ERP

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Since 2014 suppliers on the Tungsten Network have been able to view updates shared by their buyers on the status of an invoice as they are processed via the portal.   Information shared includes whether it was received, approved, paid, rejected, on-hold or in exception as well as payment due dates.  For buyers this has dramatically reduced the number of calls received.   For suppliers it saves time making routine calls and having real time information helps make better decisions.

However, for customers with a large volume of invoices visiting the portal is not always so convenient and a wider range of statuses may be needed such a pre-clearance updates for government portals.

What is Invoice Status Feed?

In response to the above challenge we are now able to deliver the invoice statuses including, pre-clearance and custom directly to a supplier’s ERP or financial software.  This means the information can be on hand without the need to visit the portal.  Each status is delivered along with an archival link back to the original invoice for reference and archiving.

Benefits to suppliers

  • No need to visit the portal for updates – saving time
  • Status to hand when you need it where you need it
  • Pre-clearance updates and custom options

Benefits to buyers

  • Better serve the needs of your suppliers
  • Even fewer customer status enquiries to service

This service is currently in Beta, contact your sales representative for more information

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