A cloud hosted AP automation workflow solution for mid to corporate enterprises

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The goal of Accounts Payable departments it to reduce the time to time and improve accuracy of invoice receipt and approval.  The first challenge is to receive, convert and standardize invoicing information as electronic data.  Once it has been ingested the team must check, validate, route and approve invoices for payment.  Without an automated efficient process, the full benefits of e-invoicing and the goal of a touchless process cannot be achieved.

What is Tungsten Workflow?

Tungsten Workflow is a natural progression, in which our invoice automation workflow picks up each invoice and processes each Purchase order (PO) based invoices are automatically matched with ERP purchase order and goods receipt data, while handling any exceptions that may occur in the process.

Non-PO invoices are automatically directed for general ledger coding and approval in a flexible manner. Once invoices successfully complete the appropriate process, associated transactions are automatically created in the ERP system for payment.

What is Tungsten Workflow Universal?

Workflow universal is cloud based application for medium and large-scale complex ERP environments.  Capable of connecting many and multiple ERP brands into an automated P2P process. This solution is available exclusively to users of Tungsten’s Accounts Payable service.

Key Features

  • Any ERP
  • Leverages Accounts Payable data
  • Straight forward internal processes
  • Cloud hosted

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