Business continuity is more important than ever.

Automation Supports Greater Efficiency And Business Continuity

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn have shifted the focus of finance transformation activities from growth, efficiency, and business partnership to business continuity. (Source: Gartner, “Evaluating your Finance Transformation Program during a Pandemic)
10 years ago we convinced ourselves we had survived a “Black Swan” event, the one in a hundred-year crisis. The reality is that turbulence is becoming a regular feature – From the Financial Crisis, Trade Wars, Brexit, Refugee Crisis, and now COVID-19, the nature of work is constantly changing.
CFO’s, Finance Leaders, and Treasurers worldwide are looking to preserve liquidity and keep a tight rein on cash for the foreseeable future.
Total invoice automation affords you the opportunity to do just that – Continue on-time payments, unlock working capital, and maintain positive relationships with your suppliers.

Establishing the stable foundation you need for business continuity.

A short term solution with demonstrable long term results. Start transacting electronically today. Paper invoices are no longer an option. You need an electronic solution now, and whether it’s Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivables, we have you covered.
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Onboard your Suppliers

With employees still working remotely and no change in sight, Tungsten is here to work with you and onboard your Suppliers, just like we always do. We’ve put an accelerated enrollment process in place supporting our customers around the world.
As we work with your suppliers, we make sure to provide insight into the benefits they receive from joining our network. For example, at GSK, 95% of invoices delivered electronically are now paid on time, speeding up the payment process for suppliers globally.
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Unlock working capital.

Together with Orbian (OTN), we’ve created an easy, flexible solution that allows your Suppliers to get access to cash when they need it.
One major retailer has already rolled out a supply chain finance programme allowing their Suppliers to benefit from the settlement of accounts within three days, incurring only a minimal charge and preventing the necessity for further borrowing of debt.
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How are you preparing for the aftermath of COVID-19?

We’re working with customers around the world as they move away from paper-based processes in response to COVID-19, but what happens next? We’re gathering input from the best and the brightest to understand how we can continue to support you on your journey to world-class.
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You’re not in this alone – get the latest insights or join an upcoming virtual event to hear how others are navigating these uncertain times.

Like all businesses, we’ve been on a journey as we navigate these uncertain times and prepare for the ‘aftermath.’ Stay up-to-date on what you can do to ensure the continuity of your business and the health of your supply chain.

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