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Poland is taking the next step in the introduction of a national digital platform

Poland is taking the next step in the introduction of a national digital platform supporting its main public services with the introduction of mandatory e-invoicing for B2G transactions.

The Backstory

In December 2018, the Polish government introduced a national digital platform called PeF (‘Platformy Elektronicznego Fakturowania’). PeF supports main digital public services, including electronic invoicing.

Since completion of the PeF environment in 2019, the Polish Government has strongly recommended the use of e-invoicing for all suppliers of the government.

From April 2019, all contracting public authorities have been under an obligation to be able to receive e-invoices from their suppliers, following the EU Directive [EU Directive 2014/551].

From November 2020, all suppliers to the government must issue electronic invoices to public authorities.

The effect on you

The Polish PeF platform accepts electronic invoices as stipulated by the European Norm EN 1693, including PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0. In fact, the PeF platform functions as a PEPPOL Access Point.

This change will have major ramifications for organisations who do business with the Polish Government.

Whether your business interacts with central or local authorities – a good first step to take in preparing would be to contact Tungsten Network and discuss how we can connect you to the PeF portal effectively and with minimal disruption to your operations.

Need more information?

While we monitor all the various mandates and changes occurring globally, you can still learn about some of the more concrete invoicing compliance changes world-wide. I hosted a Compliance Nightmares webinar on March 12th, in which I explored the pitfalls of non-compliance and how to negotiate the changing regulatory landscape.

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