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An update on the latest Indian mandate

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*Editor’s Note: This update is accurate as of 09/01/2020, reflecting recent alterations to the mandate in India.

It’s been a busy period for mandating in India and following on from our last update in October 2019, it has now been confirmed that India will have launched their Invoice Registration Portal in early 2020, which will see mandatory usage for medium and large taxpayers from April 2020.

How will it work?

Importantly, this is not an invoice creation or invoice distribution system; it also will not replace e-invoicing service providers. The system serves purely for the registration of invoice and tax information so that GST (Goods & Service taxation), e-way bill and ANX systems can be updated automatically.

With this new measure, the Indian tax office has very early visibility of GST and will be able to avoid unlawful tax reclaims. The Invoice Registration Portal process requires that invoice information is submitted in JSON format, following the national convention in India. The portal then assigns a unique Invoice Reference Number to each invoice.  However, it is important to note that this JSON is not the tax invoice; the legal artefact itself will be produced by the suppliers’ system.

Any format is allowed, so long as the supplier invoice contains the mandatory information, including the Invoice Reference Number and the QR code that was produced by the Portal.

What this change means for you

This change will mean that Tungsten Network can continue to deliver validated, high-quality invoice data to buyers, by creating the legal invoice on behalf of the supplier, although ONLY when all validations have been successfully passed.

Get in touch

If you’d like to discuss your compliance needs for India, contact [email protected] and we’ll arrange a call to understand the size and scope of your processes in this territory. This will help us assess the development effort needed ‘if and when’ the Indian Government moves to mandate and help us evaluate how we work to be part of the portal registration process.

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