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Through collaborative workshops, our industry leading Solution Consultants will work with you to:


Understand your goals and ambitions


Evaluate your current infrastructure


Define a clear roadmap for achieving world-class


Build the business case to support the roadmap

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What is a Health Check?
It is becoming increasingly clear that digitization is no longer enough. It's time to take automation to the next level. That means world-class touchless processing, minimized exceptions, and sharing the onus of invoice processing with your supply chain.
That's why we have launched Health Checks.

The Health Check framework was designed to help your organization define world-class and clearly outline how to move from your current state to a world-class invoice-to-pay process.

In a recent Health Check, one of the largest food and beverage companies uncovered $400k savings with just $14k investment! Money aside, they’ll also realize a significant reduction in calls to their customer help desk and leave their supplier more informed than ever before about the status of their invoice. Talk about a win-win!
Following a Health Check with Sam, one large US manufacturer saw a significant increase in touchless process—realizing 94% first past yield in less than 12 months for electronic invoices and decreased back-office processing headcount by 75%.
Who should attend the workshop?
To maximize the value of your Health Check, we recommend inviting key stakeholders across your financial supply chain. We encourage participation from procurement, finance, and IT professionals.
In other words, include team members who are familiar with the current processes and who have interest in your future Invoice-to-Pay process success.

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