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As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the way we do business with our suppliers, we have partnered with Tungsten Network to provide you a simpler way to submit invoices.

Qualcomm buyer entities in scope for e-invoicing

Please use this list to ensure that you have established the correct trading relationships on Tungsten Network to invoice Qualcomm.

Buyer TA NumberCompany Name
AAA1334456843105 Kifer Road Investments, Inc.
AAA312647043Arriver Software AB
AAA839142056Arriver Software GmbH
AAA401732193Arriver Software LLC
AAA736804980Arriver System Software S.r.l.
AAA301265245Morehouse Properties, Inc.
AAA161922679Pixtronix, Inc.
AAA672308319QT Technologies Ireland Limited
AAA670883099QUALCOMM (UK) Limited
AAA385566450Qualcomm Atheros Technology Ltd.
AAA766403273Qualcomm Atheros, Inc.
AAA000825141Qualcomm Austria RFFE GmbH
AAA933320202QUALCOMM Cambridge Limited
AAA735692154Qualcomm Canada ULC
AAA333735355QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd.
AAA190315952Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc.
AAA412321879Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, Inc.
AAA954605879Qualcomm Education, Inc.
AAA734276199QUALCOMM Europe, Inc. Belgium Branch Office
AAA748031747QUALCOMM Europe, Inc. Italy Branch Office
AAA448339036QUALCOMM Europe, Inc. Spain Branch Office
AAA639516236Qualcomm Finland RFFE Oy
AAA796115376Qualcomm France S.A.R.L.
AAA038236816Qualcomm Germany GmbH
AAA145254538QUALCOMM Germany RFFE GmbH
AAA776484339Qualcomm Global Trading Pte. Ltd.
AAA680882396QUALCOMM Incorporated
AAA351046511QUALCOMM India Private Limited
AAA804856268Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.
AAA711010702Qualcomm Intelligent Solutions, Inc.
AAA929360337QUALCOMM International, Inc.
AAA753352723QUALCOMM International, Inc. South African Branch Office
AAA950527242QUALCOMM MEMS Technologies, Inc.
AAA487134389Qualcomm Technologies International GmbH
AAA255224735Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.
AAA666104278Qualcomm Technologies Netherlands B.V.
AAA436543052Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
AAA856384482Qualcomm Wireless GmbH
AAA614025617SnapTrack, Inc.

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