Modelo de facturación electrónica:
  • Post Audit with optional Interoperability
Formato de archivo obligatorio:
  • RU XML
Requisitos de empresa a gobierno:
  • RU Interoperability framework
Requisitos de archivado:
  • 4 Year Period
Firma electrónica:
  • Obligatorio


Conocer todos los aspectos del cumplimiento fiscal global es complejo y requiere muchos recursos. Cada país tiene un conjunto estipulado de requisitos de facturación electrónica específicos y en constante evolución.

El incumplimiento, intencionado o no, puede dar lugar a importantes sanciones económicas, a la interrupción de la actividad empresarial y a daños en la reputación.

El cumplimiento es complicado

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  • Actualizaciones de los países
Launch of the online Simplified Tax System (STS)

The Russian Ministry of Finance (MinFin) recently published the General Tax Policy Guidelines for 2022-2024. One of the items highlighted within this relates to the launch of the online simplified tax system (STS)- viewed as a major overhaul of the tax administration.
The STS will take on tax accounting, and be accessible to micro-enterprises with:

  • A headcount of no more than five, and
  • Annual revenues of no more than RUB 60 million.

The tax authorities will not however take over all fiscal obligations- they will not keep or fill out tax returns. Enterprises will remain responsible for calculating the tax, based on data from cash registers and bank accounts.


  • Información de la normativa
Mandatory e-invoicing for ‘traceable’ goods from 1st July 2021

From 1st July 2021, Russia will introduce mandatory e-invoicing for taxpayers dealing with traceable goods. Certain goods such as refrigeration and freezing equipment, will be deemed to be traceable goods. From 1st July 2021, invoices for these goods must be electronic.

Under the traceability system, each consignment of goods would be assigned a registration number during import. Businesses within the scope of the traceability system would need to include the registration number in their invoices.