Modelo de facturación electrónica:
  • Empresa a gobierno: centralizado/Peppol
  • B2B: Post-Audit
Formato de archivo obligatorio:
  • B2G: UBL 2.1 LT, Peppol BIS
  • Empresa a empresa: N/D
Requisitos de empresa a gobierno:
  • B2G: eSaskaita / Peppol
Requisitos de archivado:
  • Periodo de 10 años
Firma electrónica:
  • Empresa a gobierno: obligatoria
  • B2B: Not Required


Conocer todos los aspectos del cumplimiento fiscal global es complejo y requiere muchos recursos. Cada país tiene un conjunto estipulado de requisitos de facturación electrónica específicos y en constante evolución.

El incumplimiento, intencionado o no, puede dar lugar a importantes sanciones económicas, a la interrupción de la actividad empresarial y a daños en la reputación.

El cumplimiento es complicado

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  • Actualizaciones de los países
Proposed VAT registration rise In what appears to be a busy month for countries raising the VAT threshold, much like Italy this month who is proposing a similar measure, Lithuania is seeking to raise its VAT registration threshold.  Lithuania seeks a rise from 45,000 Euros to 65,000 Euros.   While streamlining of the compliance and fiscal-related procedures typically serves as the main motivation behind this, it is believed that external factors-particularly inflation, also can trigger a request for a rise in the VAT registration threshold.  Approval for raising the VAT threshold is currently with Parliament. The EU VAT Directive outlines some limits in respect of the application of raising the VAT threshold, but it is possible to apply for a derogation to circumvent this. 


  • Información del tipo de IVA/IBS
Upcoming VAT tax rate changes As with multiple countries, the start of the year typically heralds the introduction of new fiscal policies as countries seek to set the platform for the economic trajectory for the year ahead.   Lithuania is introducing some adjustments to its VAT rates, effective January 2023, in line with the following: 
  • The VAT on e-Books and electronic non-periodical publications will be reduced from 21% to 9%. This will be a permanent VAT change. 
  • VAT on accommodations and admission to artistic and cultural events will be taxed at 9% until 30 June 2023.  
  • VAT on catering and takeaway services will be taxed at 9% until 31 December 2023.  
Lithuania is a compliant territory for Tungsten and we support all valid VAT rates as part of our solution.  


  • Información del tipo de IVA/IBS
Amendments to scope of products and supplies relating to 5% and 9% rate Project No. XIVP-2148(3) has introduced some amendments to the scope of products /supplies subject to the 5% and 9% VAT rates.  Please refer to the link for further information.  


  • Información de la normativa
Proposed e-invoice exchange tool – eSaskaita e-invoicing Lithuania has launched a tender to introduce electronic invoicing for taxpayers. This will be based on the EU e-invoicing standard (EN 16931).  The Ministry of Lithuania is considering an implementation plan which includes a free service to supplement an API-based submission from EPRs and accounting system service of invoices considering: 
  • Submission of sales invoices 
  • Exchange with customers 
The launch of the e-invoicing tool has currently been scheduled for September 2023. 


  • Información del tipo de IVA/IBS
Zero-rated VAT on specific supplies due to war On 25 April 2022, Lithuania approved a draft amendment to reduce VAT rates on specific supplies, further to the Russian-Ukraine conflict.


  • Información del tipo de IVA/IBS
Proposal to reduce VAT on heating In line with rising heating costs across much of Europe, the Lithuanian government has temporarily applied to reduce VAT to district heating. It is proposed that this will temporarily be set to zero VAT.