Business Payment Coalition (BPC) update – Remittance Delivery Validation Report

If e-invoicing developments in the European Union are taking pace, equally significant developments in the US are also shaping the e-invoicing curvature in the country.  

The Business Payments Coalition (BPC) has announced that the Remittance Delivery Work Group recently completed a validation phase where the group successfully demonstrated the operational feasibility of an exchange framework to deliver electronic remittance (e-remittance) information. 

Given the success of the validation phase, the working group is now logically touting moving to a pilot phase, supporting all electronic B2B payment methods. Consequently, the BPC, with support from the Federal Reserve, will soon proceed with facilitating an E-remittance Exchange Pilot.  

The following article will provide greater insights into the operations of the validation phase and the overall aims associated with the proposed pilot:  


The pilot represents an exciting development for the BPC, and more widely for the exchange of electronic B2B payments in the US. Kofax is closely following developments in respect of the pilot and will keep you informed of the same. 

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