Introduction of the ‘plastic tax’

2023 is experiencing an exponential rise in Environmental, Social and Government (ESG) taxes. As the name suggests, these taxes have a marked agenda: to further wider ecological and conservation affairs.  This year has already seen both Polonia Y Alemania establish their own vision for implementing ESG taxes. Predictably, this phenomenon is set to permeate neighboring countries on the continent.  

Netherlands is the latest country to announce its own initiative in this regard.  

From 1 July 2023, residents must pay an extra amount for single-use disposable containers that include plastic. This measure will be extended yet further from 1 January 2024, where disposable cups and containers that contain plastic will be prohibited.  

These measures hold the obvious benefit of increasing recycling and nurturing positive environmental behaviors.  

The growth of ESG taxes is set to become an integral part of Kofax’s compliance and development plans and feature alongside country e-invoicing mandates and VAT rate changes. Each ESG tax is unique and merits its own considerations. Kofax is acutely aware of the significance of ESG taxes and the associated obligations they place on suppliers and buyers. Kofax is committed to considering its responsibilities in respect of any ESG taxes, if applicable.  

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