Sopra Steria transforms purchase-to-pay-process with Tungsten Network

Sopra Steria is a world leader in information technology consultancy with a particularly strong UK presence, consulting for multiple government departments and public services.

Despite its IT credentials, Sopra were still bagging up paper invoices and sending them en masse to India to be unpacked, processed and stored. The reach of Tungsten Network was a key factor here, as Sopra already had many suppliers on the network who were able to vouch for Tungsten’s service. Their invoicing process has come on leaps and bounds, saving time, money and the environment.

Graham Roberts, Procurement Development Manager at Sopra Steria said:

“We have been using the e-invoicing platform since 2011 and it has transformed our purchase to pay process. Initially, my role was to get the internal processes set up but now they are established, I am focusing on encouraging more suppliers to enrol. In partnership with Tungsten Network, we have initiated a number of campaigns to improve take-up.”

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